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I’m proud to be from Macclesfield. My mum and her mum before her, worked in our local NHS and I went to school in Poynton. It’s a great area with great people, but Macclesfield has been taken for granted by the Conservatives for too long.

Our communities are confronting immense challenges: from the cost of living crisis to decaying public services, and the issue of our time – the climate emergency. All of us have seen the decline of our town centre and the lack of attention paid to our rural communities. Meanwhile, prices are up and living standards are down. We face record NHS waiting times in Cheshire East and schools literally crumbling while the government stands by. As we’ve seen with the Bollin, sewage is being pumped into our rivers at an alarming rate. And our country’s reputation abroad is at rock bottom.

The next election is an opportunity we don’t want to miss. After 14 years in power, the Conservatives have crashed our economy, decimated our public services, and lost people’s trust. Together we have a chance to have a Labour representative in parliament for the first time ever – an MP who works for all our communities. I’ve beaten the Tories in their own backyard, now I want to do the same for my hometown. I want to see an area that’s no longer neglected but supported to be the best possible place to live, work and grow old.

Together we can build a brighter future for Macclesfield.

Tim Roca 

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